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COVID -19: General Workplace Safety

Course Overview:

COVID-19: General Workplace Safety helps participants understand COVID-19, how it spreads, and general safe work practices to protect their health and the health of others.

Who Should Take the Course?
This course is designed for all employers, employees and others who deal with the public and other third parties. *Note: This course is not appropriate for health care workers, or others who may work with, or in proximity to, patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Course Objectives:

You will learn about:
  • The symptoms of COVID-19 and how it spreads
  • Safe work practices, including:
    • Proper hand-washing technique using soap and water
    • Proper hand-washing technique using hand sanitizer
    • Respiratory Hygiene
    • Social distancing
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Use of gloves
    • Use of non-medical face masks
  • What to do if you become ill or are exposed to illness

Evaluation Process:

The course includes mandatory testing to verify knowledge retention. To successfully complete training, you must pass the test. If you do not pass the first time, you can review the materials and try again. Once you achieve a passing grade, you can download/print a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration:

This online course is self-paced. Participants may leave the course at anytime and can resume where they left off. The duration will depend on the individual participant and their prior knowledge of the subject matter. On average, the course will take between 45 minutes and an hour to complete.
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